Guess who’s mailing a catalog this year…

By: Marie Young

A few days ago, I gave my toddler a toy catalog and a marker. I said, “circle what you hope Santa will bring you.” He happily obliged, and now it’s all he can talk about. He’s been asking to review his selections over and over. I had planned to take his list from the toy retailer catalog and purchase them on Amazon instead (hello, free two-day shipping).

Ironically, a few days later, I came across an article on Promo Marketing. Get this… Amazon is going to be printing a holiday toy catalog this year! The catalog is said to contain QR codes to help end-users find items online.

“Amazon made its bones by dominating e-commerce to such an extent that it reshaped the physical retail world and ushered in the digital era. Now, in extremely analog fashion, it is issuing a print catalog. Still, we are going to posit that the decision by [CEO Jeff] Bezos and his hires makes perfect sense, as it signifies that print, no matter how many naysayers want to pick over its long-reported corpse, is definitely not dead.” Joseph Myers | Promo Marketing

Obviously, Amazon knows that printed catalogs offer brands a wholetech meme host of benefits. Last year, 9.8 billion catalogs were mailed within the U.S. This leads us to the revelation that millennials actually appreciate information in catalog form. It is vital for businesses to continue to produce catalogs if they want to remain in front of the up-and-coming generations.

“Those who declare print dead are wrong, and those who feel it is beyond salvaging are equally incorrect. Sales are the name of the game, and, if incorporated efficiently and regularly, catalogs will make more than a splash,” said Myers.

Consumers are expected to receive Amazon catalogs by the end of this month. To many, it may look a bit retro, but it will also help consumers recall the guides that Toys R Us used mail out. This is sure to make the holiday season a very merry time for the public and Amazon’s bottom line.

Consider Tru Art to be your best choice for print and catalog manufacturing in the Midwest.


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