Why is signage important for your business?

Here’s a riddle… What can’t  be turned off, deleted or filtered…? Traditional ad media. Particularly banners, posters and window signage. They’re still preferred and effective channels of brand messaging.

Recent studies show that 9 in 10 consumers believe printed hawksmaterials will always be needed.* A whopping 70% of respondents reported having items professional printed the same amount or more than the previous year. The truth is… digital advertising (Search Engine Marketing, Social Media, etc). works perfectly in conjunction with print marketing. If anything… they depend on each other.

These staggering stats are particularly true for millennials. Nearly half of respondents to this study – aged 18-34 – reported having something professionally printed at least once a month. Overall, 85% of consumers said they’re more likely to shop with a small business that has printed materials, such as business cards, signs, flyers or banners. These communication pieces solidify and legitimize a business’s place and presence. Just as a website and social media presence does. If you have a brick and mortar, you simple can’t have one without the other. Even full eCommerce business use print as a component to their marketing… but I digress.

So how do you do signage right?

You need to stop them in their tracks. The right print medium can trigger the right emotions. Bring your brand message to life, create a feeling, and just like that – your brand has made an impact.

A 2014 study by USA Touchpoints found that place-based media, such as signs and banners in restaurants, malls, stadiums and cinemas, achieve a 54% positive emotions rate and a 99% reach.

Why does working with a G7 printer matter?

ABI Banners

The FedEx survey clearly showed that buyers were equating the quality of print with the quality of service.  A good printer should counsel you on the ideal weight of vinyl for a location; whether a blockout layer is necessary to prevent light from showing through; on the use of UV-Resistant inks and high-resolution printing; and other finishing processes to make sure your piece holds up to the elements.

Customers of G7® Master Qualified printers benefit from the most modern technology, techniques and process controls available today in the graphic arts industry. Achieving color consistency when printing on multiple platforms, in various geographic regions, is a critical component in brand management.

Success is when we help our clients represent their brand accurately and accurately. When you succeed, so do we.

Let us be your ONE SOURCE for all things branded.

*source: FedEx Office



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