What is G7 and why does it matter?

Tru Art Color Graphics is an official G7 Master Certificate of Qualification by the International Digital Enterprise Alliance (IDEAlliance®). That’s a super long, fancy name… you may be wondering why on earth this matters…

Because your brand matters.

G7 Master Qualification is a sought-after recognition of excellence ig7master_seal_web.pngn printing, and identifies print service providers that excel in implementing the G7 Proof-to-Print Process. A G7 Master Qualified Printer implements a calibration method that allows printers to achieve a visual simulation across multiple print platforms.

Tru Art joins an elite group of print service providers who have successfully proven capable of providing the highest quality color printing. Customers of G7® Master Qualified printers benefit from the most modern technology, techniques and process controls available today in the graphic arts industry. Achieving color consistency when printing on multiple platforms, in various geographic regions, is a critical component in brand management.

The G7 program is managed by IDEAlliance®, a not-for-profit association of leading print and electronic media service providers and their technology partners. As a global association, IDEAlliance is dedicated to guiding media production best practices, specifications, and standards, worldwide.

Our goal is to work alongside our clients to become brand stewards.
We want the print material and products we produce and supply to accurately represent your organization. We strive to know you, your brand, your culture, and what you stand
for. Success is when we help our clients represent their brand accurately and accurately. When you succeed, so do we.

Let us be your ONE SOURCE for all things branded.


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